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Main Products: Artificial Grass Turf, football turf, landscaping turf, plastic lawn, fake turf, simulation of lawns, school football ground, older Association gateball courts, badminton courts

Wuxi green comfortable artificial turf, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of artificial turf manufacturers, the company introduced the 4M wide brand new advanced Tufting machines and finishing equipment, the production line fully computer-controlled, precision cutting, tufted symmetry, consistency, and can produce grass high 15mm~75mm (any variable), wide 4.2m, length up to 100m of different specifications, such as the artificial turf. Finishing gluing equipment using automatic machines, plastic drying with high temperature steam permeability stereotypes, ensuring the production of high temperature artificial turf in Alpine, not easily deformed and longer service life. Main artificial turf products has two kinds of leisure and sport, made mainly using Taiwan joint venture of grass fiber, imported all the known world, superior quality United Kingdom Boehner grass fiber, fully guarantee excellent product quality and stability. Comfortable green artificial turf in the UV resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, safety and environmental protection, motion and other major indicators are better than similar products. Company produces high quality synthetic turf, is widely used in the construction of schools and gymnasiums of track and field, football field, tennis courts, basketball courts and many other frequently used sporting venues, creating a safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly sporting venues. Company for a group of eight years \’ experience specializing in artificial lawn construction of paving team, providing you with a high standard of good aftermarket paving services. \”Integrity, innovation, enterprising\” is our consistent pursuit!


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